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Other views in Ledger

Other views in Ledger (add Filters to view payments only, adjustments only, Claim Associated Transactions only, etc.)

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Trevor Terry responded  · 

Your enhancement request has been received, thank you for the idea.


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  • Greg Gibson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Filtering the ledger and chart

    Many clinics think that if the ledger had more information, that patient billing calls could be handled more efficiently. At the meeting, the follow improvements to the ledger were discussed:

    · Rows can be filtered:

    by date range, by tooth, by provider, by clinic,

    by procedure code or by a range of procedure codes

    · Add column(s) for aggregate payments, aggregate credits and balance remaining to each procedure row. Possibly add a column for any deductible owed.

    · Users can choose what columns to have the ledger display from the proc_log table fields

    · All columns, like amount, can be sorted by double clicking on the label of that column

    · Users can hide certain information, like special adjustments, regular adjustments, primary payments, and secondary payments

    Almost universally, clinics miss the functionality of “show transaction links” and everyone wants it back. In response to this, the group discussed having an automatic “show transaction links” feature. When clicking on rows in the ledger with a procedure, or on a row with claim information like primary sent, primary received etc., all other procedures and claim data rows attached to it would highlight automatically. It was suggested that for performance reasons this might not always be wanted. Each user should therefore be able to set this feature to always be on, to always be off or to ask the user each time a different patient is called up. The “show transaction links” menu option should do this when the automatic feature to do so is turned off.

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