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Paperless Forms / New Patient Questionnaire / Kiosk

Would like the same questionnaire that Dentrix has in G4.

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  • Nancy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I don't understand why you wouldn't have new patient questionnaire on Dentrix enterprise. Everyone is trying to go paperless.

  • alex commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Create a sign in sheet system to avoid paper sign in for patients. Upon patient's arrival (new pt, existing pt, pt with appt, pt without appt) should be able to sign in providing basic information (name, dob and phone number, email) and then the front desk could see it as a intra office messaging. for pts with appts, appt status should automatically change.

  • Sara commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This would be extremely helpful for our office. We would love the same capability as Dentrix G4 to go paperless. It seems we have added more paper into our daily routine after going "paperless" with Dentrix Enterprise in 2013. Please consider adding a Kiosk option for Dentrix Enterprise.

  • James Richardson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Would be nice to have a front desk computer set up as a kiosk so patients can fill out forms on that, or sign in/check in so front office staff is not tied down to handling all of this.

  • Tim commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    What types of forms are you having patients fill out on an ipad? How are you getting those back to a chart?

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi we need Kiosk checkins for the front desk staff to know the patient is here, we manage over 200 patients a day, thus we need to have a seamless process of registration for patients with real appointments.

  • Suzi Baker commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is something that would benefit our practice greatly. We would like the ability for the patient to add family members without having to re type all the info, similar to the family file. Forms to link to the appointment and when the patient arrives, they can review and esign. This would all be auto populated into Dentrix.

  • Ellen Harrington commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Please note that although there are 45 votes currently on this request, there are several more requests for virtually the same thing -- just stated in different way. This is of utmost importance to allow practices to move forward in a paperless fashion without engaging another 3rd party software product that doesn't integrate properly with Enterprise.

  • Little Rock Family Dental commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We have Dentrix Enterprise & would love to gocompletely paperless. There are programs out there that we can buy but they do not work well with Dentrix Enterprise.

  • AdminMax Sessions (Enterprise Assoc Product Manager, Dentrix Enterprise) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The Dentrix G4 requirements were:

    R1. Questionnaire Needed for a Patient. Add Expiration period for forms. Ability to flag the Questionnaires that need to be filled out for a patient (based solely on no responses or responses that are dated beyond the expiration period), to easily see which questionnaires need new or updated responses.
    R1.1. The user needs to be able to add or change an expiration period for a form from Questionnaires Setup without creating a new version of the form.
    R1.2. The period should be a number of months or years.
    R1.3. An expiration period should not be required (a form may have no expiration).
    R1.4. The expiration period should be saved with the other form info.
    R1.5. The expiration period should be compared with the Response Date to determine if the responses for the form need to be re-entered and submitted for a new response set.
    R1.5.1. The Needs Responses tab should include forms for which the most current responses have expired in addition to forms that have never been filled out.
    R1.5.1.1. A form should only be listed once from the Needs Responses tab.
    R1.5.2. The Needs Responses tab should have a column added for the Response Date, which will be blank if a form has never been filled out.
    R1.5.3. A column should be added to both tabs to show the expiration date for each form.
    R1.5.3.1. Only the most current responses for a form should have a date.
    R1.5.3.2. The date should be in red text if it is in the past (for either tab).
    R1.5.3.3. From the With Responses tab, prior responses for forms should have something to indicate that the expiration doesn’t apply because there are newer responses.
    R1.5.3.4. From the Needs Responses tab, any forms that have never had responses submitted will have just the expiration period, no date.
    R1.5.4. From the Web, the patient should see all forms that are uploaded
    R1.5.4.1. Those that are expired or that have never been submitted should be indicated/separated.
    R1.5.4.2. The forms that have responses that are not expired should still be listed in case the patient wants to update any information.
    R1.5.5. From the Kiosk, the patient should see only forms that are uploaded that are expired or that have never been submitted.
    R1.5.6. All forms should be uploaded that have not been filled out yet, forms that have passed their expiration date, and any forms that have been filled out but the form has changed (e.g. medical alerts updated, etc.)
    R1.5.7. Changes may need to be made to the setup for the questionnaire upload screen to handle some of these items, the user currently selects what forms are uploaded
    R2. Questionnaire Responses Submit button should only be available at the end of the last page of the Questionnaires form.
    R3. Questionnaires: When a medical alert is more than 20 characters, Update Patient information should display all of the medical alerts.
    R4. Update Patient Information. When selecting a Referral, Employer or Insurance Plan, the corresponding text that was entered for the Questionnaire form should be used to automatically populate the applicable search string in the "Select" dialog box so that the user does not need to type it in--it automatically transfers from the patient's response.
    R4.1. (This was postponed from G3).
    R4.2. automatically populate the applicable search string in the "Select" dialog box
    R5. Questionnaire Response to Note field option: Include Note responses for Update Patient Information to allow the user to insert a note into any of the patient related note fields or to create a new patient alert.
    R5.1. For Note Response types, from Question Setup, add a checkbox to flag whether or not a response should be available from Update Patient Information.
    R5.2. From Update Patient Information:
    R5.2.1. Add a section for each Note Response type from the form that is flagged and that has response text.
    R5.2.2. Each Note Response section should use the Question Text (or only the first 30 characters if the text is long).
    R5.2.3. The Questionnaire Patient Info box will need to be made longer or have a scroll bar if there are a lot of sections.
    R5.2.4. When a Note Response type section is selected:
    R5.2.4.1. The full question and response text should be displayed in the Information to use for Update box.
    R5.2.4.2. The user needs to be given options for the following to append the note text to an existing note or to create a new note.
    R5. Add to Patient Note
    R5. Create a Clinical Note (will use current date, time and the patient’s Prov1)
    R5. Add to Guarantor Account Note
    R5. Create Patient Alert
    R5. Create Family Alert
    R5.2.5. If Create Patient Alert or Create Family Alert is used, the Create Patient Alert dialog box will need to be displayed, with the note text added to the Note edit box, and other options defaulted accordingly.
    R5.2.6. If any other option is used, the note text should be appended to an existing note or a new note should be created using the text.

  • Paula commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Looking to be completely paperless. We want the data collected though to be housed in Dentrix. How or what software or vechile is used to collect it, final destination needs to be Dentrix.

  • Jeff Fahnoe commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hey Max - can you please put the requirement list for what is in G4 so people will know what they are voting on here.

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